Sunday, April 6, 2014

MASA Election Dinner 2014-2015

Hello there ! I hope everyone's been having a good week besides the fact that we have finals to face in less than a week.

On March 29th we had our annual MASA Election Dinner. This year it was held in the Education Student Lounge at the University of Saskatchewan. We had lots of food and fun and games. It was overall a really great event and everyone had the chance to catch up with the other Malaysians since our association consists of not only students but other Malaysians living in Saskatoon as well. Sadly not everyone could make it but rest assured we'll be having other events throughout the year !! 

 A much required crazy shot of us because if there's a formal shot you have to have a crazy one ;D

This is a picture of the old MASA committee members and the new one.
Top row from the left - Mimi, Naethan, Jia Yun and Zong Yu
Bottom row from the left - Dayne, Wei Xin, Roy, Christine, Hajar,Serena and Angel

Meet the new committee members for 2014-2015 !!!

President - Christine Schian Yee Lim
Vice President - An Gel Liew
Secretary- Jia Yun Tan
Treasurer- Serena Su Ping Ng
Social Director- Mimi Hui Mi Choo

Thank you for voting us as your new committee members. Some of us are new so please do provide whatever feedback you have, be it criticism or praise. We'll try our best to host events and hopefully some new ones that we've never done before so please continue to support us throughout the year, attend the events and make some new friends along the way. =)

On another note, to the past committee members, thank you for planning all the events that you have planned and the commitment you have shown to this association.

To Tao Yee, Michelle and Hajar, if you decide to go back to Malaysia, please do keep in touch with us. Although you might not be in Canada you will always be a part of U of S MASA no matter what.

Good luck to everyone for their finals and if all goes according to plan, we'll be having an event sometime soon !!! Study hard and ace your exams !! WE CAN DO THIS !!!!!!

Can't wait for summer! =D

Pictures( election dinner) in the courtesy of Dayne Jong.

By Mimi Hui Mi Choo
Edited by Chrisitine Schian Yee Lim

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