Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thank you people! =D

Dear all,

Today was the last event hosted by me and my lovely committee members, Angel, Serena, Jia Yun, and Mimi. It was definitely a blast and I hope u guys had enjoyed the activities that we carefully planned for all of you. It was so great to see everybody again and get to catch up with all of you before we all caught up with finals. 

A big congratulations to all the committee members for 2015-2016. I wish u all the best of luck for bringing MASA to a whole new level, not forgetting our main purpose of forming MASA, which is to build a tighter Malaysian Community here in Saskatoon and also work to promote the Malaysian cultures and values among the non-Malaysian members.

I am really fortunate to have my committee members who were absolutely helpful and staying with me till the end of the term, despite the busy schedule for school, work, and volunteering for MASA. U guys are the best! Thanks :') Also, I would also like to give thanks to Tim & Hannah, who were always willing to offer us their cozy home for events, and also Dan & Beata who always give us rides during the events. Thank you guys. Also, the non-committee members who assists us in every way they could, u guys have the heart of gold! And also I'd like to acknowledge people who supported us all the way till the end of the term. Thanks thanks and more thanks!!!

Last but not the least, good luck to everybody for your finals preparation/ work! We'll see each other in the coming MASA event!

Till then, take the greatest care !!! :)
Chritine Schian Yee Lim

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